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The Preferred Stream Restoration Contractor


A specialty contractor for stream and wetland restoration projects The team at Baker is dedicated to the restoration, enhancement, and long term viability of streams and rivers and has executed well on several projects that have met or exceeded goals for our clients. Our crews consistently deliver quality work, particularly in stream and wetland restoration. […]

Pinebridge Stormwater Management at Mayland College


When Mayland Community College was planning their revitalization projects for Pinebridge Inn and Coliseum as part of an upcoming expansion, keeping their environmental impact to a minimum was a must. Spruce Pine, North Carolina is home to some of the most amazing trout streams in the world, and projects like this could cause severe damage to the […]

Stream Restoration for the City of Hendersonville, NC at Wash Creek


Here’s a great shot of our work to restore a city stream in Hendersonville, NC. This restoration will protect public utilities and a new sidewalk from future damage, and will also help maintain the stream’s ecosystem.

Utility Protection and Stream Restoration along US-64 in Hendersonville, NC

Protecting streams often coincides with protecting city infrastructure. Check out this recent stream restoration project along US-64 in Hendersonville that called for some sewer line armor.

Allen Branch Stream project in Lakewood, NC


Here’s an example of a beautiful cross vane our team installed on Allen Branch Stream as part of a major restoration project.